3 Super Affordable Bedroom Makeover Ideas You Can Do Right Now

Click for easy and affordable bedroom makeover ideas you can do right now // Tantrums and Tools

Easy Ways To Makeover Your Master Bedroom On A Budget

If your bedroom is in need of a new look, you are not alone AND you’ve come to the right place for some really awesome and affordable bedroom makeover ideas. Over the past year it had been non-stop renovations and dramatic change on the first floor of my home, I finally opened my eyes to how severely neglected my bedroom had been. It was embarrassing, not enjoyable to spend much time in, and lacked visual appeal due to the pink floral wallpaper and mismatched pieces of bedroom furniture and decor. I would go from my gorgeous living room to my beautiful painted stairs and end up in this dumpy sad space. It was time to give my own bedroom a little love and treat myself to a room where I could feel more relaxed. 

The only issue was I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on new bedroom furniture since what I had was still in good condition. The exciting part about this story is, being the frugal shopper and diy enthusiast that I am, I found an inexpensive way to update my outdated bedroom design into a stylish bedroom for only $200.

Did that get your attention? Because making over a master bedroom, this large for that little money should have piqued your interest! Keep reading to find out four little things you can do to makeover your bedroom.

Click for easy and affordable bedroom makeover ideas // Tantrums and Tools

Disclaimer: Please remember that I am a DIY enthusiast, not a professional. This article is for general information use and is not a substitute for professional advice. Before taking any actions on my creative diy, consult a professional! Additionally, this may contain affiliate links where I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using my link. All opinions and recommendations are my own. I appreciate you taking my suggestions and using my links. Thank you for being so supportive!

Bedroom Makeover Ideas #1: What Color for a bedroom

What paint color for a bedroom // Tantrums and Tools

Have you ever experienced the power of a fresh coat of paint? Paint is hands down the best way to quickly transform a room. In addition, it’s also one of the easiest ways! It never ceases to amaze me, and this bedroom makeover was no different. But before I could get to a new coat of paint on the walls, I had to remove all the wallpaper, patch the walls and ceilings, and prime. I had to mud everything because my house is old, and the walls behind the wallpaper were a big old mess (hence why they wallpapered everything!). After countless weekends of prepping my bedroom, I finally was ready to paint. If you’re wondering what color is best for a bedroom, I suggest natural tones that are light but warm. My entire first floor is alabaster white, but when selecting the paint color for my bedroom, I wanted something slightly warmer, so I opted for a greige. 

Bedroom Paint Color

If you’re wondering what color to paint your bedroom, you could go with. I would stay away from bright colors or different colors. Instead, to give your bedroom new life, stick with a color palette of neutral colors. Every other room in my house is white, but I did not want a white bedroom, and there is a reason for that! I wanted this space to have a bedroom feel, which to me meant a neutral tones and no bold color. I ended up using paint from home depot and painted the entire room the color Collingwood, which is a greige (grey beige). This pulls greyer in my bedroom, but it still feels cozier than white walls. I’ve watched this bedroom paint color change throughout the day and decided my favorite time is in the evening when I have my accent lights on (On a side- I hate bright lights so I only use soft white or amber bulbs). The combination of this color and my amber accent lights are incredibly welcoming and relaxing. 

In my next bedroom makeover, I want to do an accent wall (I’d also let to get a new bed frame, but now I’m getting ahead of myself). I’ve seen so many master bedrooms with a feature wall and think this look goes well in a room with taller ceilings.

If you’re looking for an easy way to makeover your bedroom, you’ll obtain the biggest bang for your buck by changing the paint color. Painting my bedroom made a huge difference. It was transformed from pathetic to the perfect place to unwind.

Bedroom Makeover Ideas #2: How to Arrange Bedroom Furniture

How to arrange bedroom furniture // Tantrums and Tools

Another affordable bedroom makeover idea is to arrange your bedroom furniture in a new layout. It costs zero dollars to rearrange your old furniture, so unless you can find someone to pay you to makeover your bedroom, I think this is as affordable of an idea as you can get! Sometimes all it takes are these small changes to fall in love with what you already own.

I took some time to consider all the different furniture possible arrangements in my bedroom makeover, but there were not many since I have a king bed, slanted ceilings, and windows on the two available wall spaces. I don’t have a small bedroom, but due to the unique layout, I didn’t have enough room to put the bed many places. However, putting some thought into the furniture arrangement helped me make better use of my room and, at the same time, made my bedroom a new space that felt cozier and more functional. With this layout I created a sleeping area and a small space for reading.

Even though moving my bed to the other side of the room still blocked a window, I still had a decent amount of natural light coming in and decided this furniture arrangement would be better since it freed up a decent amount of space that I would now be able to use as a dressing area and reading nook.

Bedroom Sitting Area

Adding a nook using an area rug, chair, floor lamp, and, if space allows, a side table made my bedroom so much more functional and cozier. You can quickly achieve this personal space in your bedroom makeover by clustering these three items into a corner. This is a great addition even in smaller rooms. It looks pleasing and functionally provides a spot to curl up with coffee and a good book.

Before this bedroom makeover, the only time I would spend in my room was dressing or sleeping because there was nowhere to do anything else. Adding a seating area in my bedroom was an unexpected bonus in this bedroom makeover. 

A bedside table and light fixture are other bedroom accessories to work into your primary bedroom makeover. These should be placed on either side of the bed, close enough so you can reach the top while lying down. If you don’t have an existing bedside table, consider refinishing something you find second hand! Check out all my tips on refinishing furniture for some ideas.

Bedroom Makeover Ideas #3: How to decorate a bedroom 

Click for bedroom decor tips // How to decorate a bedroom // Tantrums and Tools

If you let it, decorating will get expensive and quick! So maybe you’re wondering how I only spent $200 on mine, which, might I add, $150 was on paint! So that leaves $50 for decor. My affordable bedroom makeover trick is shopping my home. Shopping my home plays an important role in sticking to a budget. This is where I visit my basement and spare room closet, where I store all my extra decor and look through what I already own to see if there is anything I could use to decorate a bedroom. 

I found these rugs, two chairs, a basket, a curtain rod, and a blanket that I had tucked away and felt would make excellent decor for my bedroom makeover. Now, I get it; you’re probably thinking I’m some hoarder, which is why I had this extra stuff lying around. But trust me, I am not!

What works for me is when I re-arrange my house (which I do pretty often), I may discover I have a piece that is no longer needed, but instead of getting rid of it, I will either use it in a different room or store it for later. The best part about keeping decor or furniture on hand that I love but don’t have a use for is this becomes a cheap way to makeover your decor without spending a ton of money each time you are feeling the itch to switch things up.

Using curtains in a bedroom

I hate the trim in my bedroom but opted not to paint it out of time constraints. So, while decorating my bedroom, I picked up these affordable white curtains and balloon shade to cover some of the trim. The bonus to both of these is the added texture, warmth, and enhanced design they bring to the room. These curtains were around $5 per panel, and the hooks were $7, and I needed two of each. These curtains are incredibly affordable, making them a great way to makeover my bedroom on a budget.

If you are decorating your bedroom and have a window on the wall where your bed is, I highly recommend this farmhouse balloon curtain. I love the pattern and privacy it provides, and it was also way more affordable than other window shade options. Coming in around $20 for this item, it was the perfect touch of modern farmhouse that I needed for my affordable bedroom makeover.

Other ideas to give your bedroom a fresh look is throw pillows, plants, old books, candles, a cute lamp, blankets, and pillows. If you’re looking for budget decor inspiration, check out my post covering my best budget decor ideas.

Bedding Ideas

Your bedding doesn’t have to be some luxurious bedding to take your makeover next level. I suggest looking for quality bedding in the form of a duvet cover. Mine even came with pillow shams! This is especially true for guest bedrooms. Don’t splurge on overpriced comforters. I recommend staying away from different patterns and going with something that works well with your color scheme.

Before And After Bedroom Makeover Ideas

How to update a bedroom on a budget // Tantrums and Tools
DIY bedroom makeover on a budget // Tantrums and Tools

Shop My Budget Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Check out my budget bedroom decor, all linked for you to shop easily!

You asked for budget bedroom makeover ideas, and I gave you creative ideas to make significant changes in your bedroom! We covered what paint color for a bedroom, how to arrange bedroom furniture, and how to decorate a bedroom. I showed you how I completely transformed my bedroom for only $200.

How to decorate a bedroom on a budget // Tantrums and Tools
How to arrange bedroom furniture // Tantrums and Tools
What paint color is best for a bedroom // Tantrums and Tools
Affordable bedroom makeover ideas // Tantrums and Tools
How to decorate a bedroom on a budget // Tantrums and Tools
Easy budget bedroom makeover ideas // Tantrums and Tools

I hope you feel more confident about tackling a bedroom makeover now that I’ve covered all the essentials. I’m no expert, just a girl building a life I love with a passion for sharing what has worked for me.


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