About Tantrums and Tools

About Tantrums and Tools // www.Tantrumsandtools.com


Hiya! I’m Amanda- furniture flipping and DIY project obsessed single mommie, re-building a life I love after completely losing myself to a toxic marriage.

I’m not expert, just a girl with a passion (cough..obsession) for inspiring you to transform broken into beautiful because I too have been broken.

Fixing furniture, homes, hearts and souls.

Come be a part of this imperfect journey.


I love decorating my home, but I’ve always been a frugal shopper, so the items in my home aren’t necessarily expensive, just selected. It may sound superficial, but decorating and the aesthetics of my home matter to me; it’s about creating a feeling. I have an eye for seeing the hidden potential in things, which is why I’ve been able to haul home furniture from the curb and transform it into something I’m proud to display in my home. I’m here to show you budget decor doesn’t mean cheap or ugly!