Hey! I’m Amanda

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And if you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for all things home. I love the transformation of taking broken and turning it into something beautiful.

From DIY to furniture flipping and thrifting, this blog is where I’ll share my projects and finds to help you create a cozy and inviting home.

I’m not an expert, just a girl with a passion for remodeling and decorating (okay, let’s be real, it’s an obsession).

Why? Because after losing myself to years of a toxic marriage, followed by the challenges of life as a single mom, I understand the importance of taking the time to do something for myself.

So, although it may sound superficial, how I care so much about how my home; it’s not about the external aesthetics. It’s the joy and healing that comes with the process.

Curated Collection

Shop my curated collection of cherished classics and new novelties. I have a keen eye for seeing the hidden potential in things and through this collection, I’m sharing my love and talent for seamlessly blending vintage and new.

Project Guides

Grab the most comprehensive and easy to follow step-by-step guides right here! DIY project help for beginners who have all the motivation but none of the skills.


Dive into my blog for DIY tutorials and tips, before and after inspo pics, and the trusted sources I use in my home.

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