9 Unique Budget Decor Ideas For Decorating On A Budget

Budget decor how to decorate on a tight budget by Tantrums and Tools

Are you wondering how to decorate on a tight budget? Did you just move into a new place and need budget decor? Or maybe you are just sick of what you have and want to change things up but are decorating on a budget. Regardless of why you want to know how to decorate on a tight budget, this guide is for you!

I love decorating my home, but I’ve always been a frugal shopper, so the items in my home aren’t necessarily expensive, just selected. It may sound superficial but decorating and the aesthetics of my home matter to me; it’s about creating a feeling.

Budget decor ideas modern farmhouse style by Tantrums and Tools

The good news is, I’ve also always had an eye for seeing the hidden potential in things, which is why I’ve been so good at decorating on a budget. I’m notorious for hauling home furniture from the curb and transforming it into something I’m proud to display in my home.

I’m sharing 9 unique ideas for home decorating on a tight budget to show you budget decor doesn’t mean cheap or ugly! My first piece of advice, this guide is long, so pin it now because you’re going to need to refer to this again later!

Disclaimer: Please remember that I am a DIY enthusiast, not a professional. This article is for general information use and is not a substitute for professional advice. Before taking any actions, consult a professional! Additionally, this may contain links to affiliate websites where I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using my link. All opinions and recommendations are my own. I appreciate you taking my suggestions and using my links. Thank you for being so supportive!

Budget Decorating Ideas

Budget decorating modern farmhouse style living room alabaster white home improvement by Tantrums and Tools

Budget Decor Idea 1: Plants

My first unique budget decor idea is using plants. Plants are an effortless way to add height and texture to any space. They are also good for the overall ambiance of your home. I love taking care of my plants and feel like watching them grow brightens my mood. They also help keep the air in your home cleaner!

My favorite places to find plants are Lowes, Home Depot, and Trader Joe’s. Honestly, Trader Joe’s has some of the best plants for a very affordable price! If keeping things alive is not your style, then fake plants are a good option! When decorating on a budget, I use a mixture of real and fake plants throughout my home.

Artificial plants are suitable for areas where there is not a lot of natural light. I have this problem in my living room, so in here, you’ll see I used all fake plants when budget decorating the fireplace shelves.

How to decorate on a tight budget by Tantrums and Tools
Budget decor shel styling diy projects pipe shelf by Tantrums and Tools
Home improvement entry way sitting area modern farmhouse style decor by Tantrums and Tools

Budget Decorating Idea 2: Blanket Ladder

Another budget decor idea is a DIY blanket ladder. I built this using a few scrap pieces of wood and absolutely love how it turned out! It is also functional since it can store blankets. When decorating on a budget, you’ll want items that have more than one use and that can easily transition between seasons.

An example of what I mean is that I can easily swap out the blankets with the blanket ladder based on the season. So, I’ll have my white blanket out throughout most of the year, but I can easily change this to be more festive during fall and Christmas. (Stick around because this also plays into budget decor idea number eight.)

budget decor diy blanket ladder sponge painted wall by Tantrums and Tools

Decorating on a Budget Idea 3: Refinished Furniture

When decorating on a budget, it helps to get creative and be a little handy. You do not need to be a DIY pro; just have the drive to take budget decor and turn it into really beautiful things. I have several items throughout my home that I dragged home from free piles or picked up from Marketplace for a low price.

If you’re just getting started with refinishing furniture, don’t worry, I have a refinishing furniture guide to help all your budget decorating dreams come true!

Another benefit to this budget decor idea, especially if you have a small home, is that they also function as storage. I store all my serving trays and bowls in this stripped wood dresser. And in the dining hutch that I refinished acts as my coffee bar and stores all my cups and mugs. Both of these items are gorgeous statement pieces of furniture that make decorating on a budget not look so bad, right?!

Farmhouse style coffee bar refinishing furniture dining hutch by Tantrums and Tools
Refinishing furniture stripped wood dresser budget decor by Tantrums and Tools
Apothecary dining hutch diy project refinishing furniture stripping wood painting furniture coffee bar budget decorating by Tantrums and Tools
Painted lockers how to paint old lockers refinishing furniture by Tantrums and Tools

Budget Decor Idea 4: Lighting

Ah, accent lighting! I may be a part vampire because I’m not too fond of overhead lights, which comes in handy when decorating on a budget. I much prefer accent lighting with vintage bulbs to any bright overhead light. When looking for budget decor, table lamps, sconce lighting, floor lamps and updating your ceiling fixtures are an affordable way to add color, texture, and ambiance to your home.

I found a black farmhouse sconce light at Home Depot but didn’t love the price. So, my tip to decorating on a budget is to shop around. After a little searching online, I found something very similar sconce light and half the price! The same thing happened for my black farmhouse kitchen pendant and dining room chandelier. A little patience and persistence go a long way when shopping for budget decor. I also found these beautiful gooseneck accent lights on Amazon and was shocked by the quality and size for the price.

Kitchen Floating Shelving // Tantrums and Tools
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Sconce lighting home improvement budget decorating modern farmhouse style by Tantrums and Tools

Budget Decorating Tip: Repurpose what you already have by shopping your home! You’ll be amazed by how little moves can have big impacts!

Refinished clawfoot table in wood and black by Tantrums and Tools
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Budget Decorating Idea 5: Area Rugs

Another affordable and functional budget decor idea is area rugs. I love wood floors, but they are so uncomfortable and cold when sitting on them to play with the kids. Area rugs make great budget decor and are a fantastic way to cozy up your space visually. They also make it more enjoyable to get down on the floor to play with your kids!

When decorating on a budget, consider looking for rugs in various shapes, sizes, and styles. I currently have a thing for jute rugs because they add a lot of warmth and texture. I have a jute runner in front of my bay window, a round jute rug at the bottom of my stairs, and an oval jute rug, which is an excellent shape for layering under coffee tables.

I’ve found several budget-friendly rugs on Amazon, HomeGoods, and my local second-hand stores. My only caution to buying this second-hand is thoroughly looking it over to ensure it doesn’t have any stains or odors.

My secret weapon to keeping things white is lots of Scotchguard (like a whole can for one rug) and spot treating with OxiClean carpet cleaner. I’ve had this white rug from Amazon for two years now and have to say even I’m impressed with how well it’s holding up using those two tricks. I also found this modern farmhouse black and white rug on Amazon and loved it so much; I bought two!

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Jute rug budget decor home improvement by Tantrums and Tools
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Decorating on a Budget Idea 6: Glass Jars

Decorating on a budget idea, number six is glass jars. Old jars and containers make great budget decor because they can be found in abundance at thrift stores for around twenty-five cents each. I love using glass jars and containers when decorating on a budget because they also have a dual purpose- they function as budget decor and make great plant vases and even drinking glasses!

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Glass jars budget decor idea coffee bar refinished furniture by Tantrums and Tools

Budget Decor Idea 7: Books

My next secret tip is using old books when budget decorating! This budget decor is so good because they are so versatile- use them to add height, layer them from larger to smaller, you can turn them around, so the pages are exposed to add warmth to your room.

If you can’t find books to go with your budget decor color theme, you can always paint them! When using books as budget decor, I find hardcover books work best, but I will add a few paperbacks since they give a different layer of texture to the space. This budget decor idea will not cost you much, I’ve picked up boxes of books for free, and when I have had to pay for them, it’s around a quarter to a dollar each.

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Budget decor idea books vintage home decor shelf styling by Tantrums and Tools

Budget Decorating Idea 8: Blankets

Remember my decorating on a budget idea, the DIY blanket ladder? Can you guess what my next budget decor idea is? Yes, blankets! I use blankets throughout my house to add texture, layering of decor, and to keep me warm. To make this idea a budget decor idea, you’ll have to be patient, but I have faith you’ll find lots of budget-friendly blankets at the thrift stores over time. Blankets are also a great way to change up your decor by adding a pop of color!

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White living room farmhouse decorating on a budget by Tantrums and Tools

Budget Decor Idea 9: Pillows

Last but certainly not least, my ninth budget decor idea is pillows. But not just any; I’m talking about pillow covers! My trick to decorating on a budget is buying pillow inserts and swapping out the covers. When buying pillow inserts, the rule of thumb is to go two inches larger than the pillow cover size.

Pillow covers are fantastic if you have kids (when sometimes even all the Scotchguard in the world isn’t enough) because you can easily take the covers off and wash them. Pillow covers are also a great way to save money because they cost less.

I don’t only use pillows on my couch; I use them on benches, in my bay window, on my dining chairs, and on the floor (my kids are obsessed with laying on these floor pillows). You can never have enough pillows! An even more affordable way to use pillows as budget decor is to sew your covers. I’m not there yet, but I hope to be tackling this DIY project soon.

Modern farmhouse sitting room with buffalo plaid floor pillows by Tantrums and Tools
Buffalo plaid floor pillows budget home decor ideas by Tantrums and Tools
bay window sitting area buffalo plaid floor pillows modern farmhouse style by Tantrums and Tools
deconstructed couch and DIY blanket ladder. Budget home decor by Tantrums and Tools

You asked how to decorate on a tight budget, and I delivered all my best budget decor tips and tricks. I hope you’re feeling more confident about decorating on a budget now that I’ve covered all the essentials. I’m no expert, just a girl building a life I love, with a passion for sharing what has worked for me. 


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