Kitchen Island Centerpiece Decor Ideas

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Are you looking for centerpiece kitchen island decor ideas? Then you’re in the right place. 

Do you feel like the center of your island is missing something, but you just don’t know what to put there?

Do you feel a little intimidated by the thought of styling kitchen decor? You’re definitely not alone. A lot of people don’t know quite what to do.

Do you have limited counter space and use most of it as work space, but you still want some kitchen island ideas?

What if I told you with a little creativity that you could easily make a beautiful focal point for your kitchen island? I bet you can even do it without spending much money and using things you likely already have in your home.

Here are some seven favorite ideas for kitchen island centerpieces with styling tips to turn you into a decorating pro.

Just a friendly reminder: This tutorial and any opinions or recommendations are genuinely mine, but this is not a substitute for consulting a professional. I also use affiliate links to earn a commission.

Using a Decorative Tray as Kitchen Island Decor

I put this idea as the first because I am currently using it as my centerpiece kitchen island decor. I found a medium-sized round wooden tray with black handles, which was the perfect addition to my white kitchen with dark countertops. Since I have an average to a small kitchen island, I needed to be careful about not taking up too much of the food preparation space with my decor.

The placement of the decor, in my case, was to center it under the two pendant light fixtures. But if your island is longer or has a sink in the center, consider placing your island decor off to one side.

I love using an array of vintage finds mixed in with functional and newer pieces on my tray. Right now, I have a vintage white glass vase with faux greenery (vintage piece), a candle (new piece), and a small decorative bowl filled with trail mix (functional piece). 

Using three different sizes is the key to making these items work on your decorative tray. My vase is the widest and tallest, the candle is a bit smaller, and the trail mix bowl is the smallest. The rule of three varied sizes is my no-fail go-to method when styling decor.

How to Use Fresh Flowers as Kitchen Island Decor

A floral arrangement is the easiest way to add a pop of color to your kitchen island. Grab a tall vase or fun vintage container for the vase of flowers. One of my personal favorites is using a wide-mouth mason jar. 

Using seasonal floral arrangements is a great way to keep your home feeling festive without spending a ton on decor. The unexpected result of having fresh flowers in the house is the uplifting and fresh feeling it provides, yes? 

Use flowers from your garden, bushes, or even greenery you find beautiful and place them in a container on top of your kitchen island, and viola – instant kitchen island decor!

Wooden Cutting Board Kitchen Island Centerpiece Ideas

kitchen island decor centerpieces // kitchen island decor // kitchen island decorating ideas // kitchen island decor decorative trays // kitchen island decor farmhouse

A wooden cutting board to display decorative objects on your kitchen counter is another way to add decor to the space. Check around your local thrift stores to see what you can find for a cutting board- I’ve had great luck with mine! 

If you have a larger kitchen island, a long rectangular cutting board will look fantastic. Add some candles, varying-sized jars, and a little greener, and you’re all set!

For smaller kitchen islands, try a round or a smaller rectangular shaped cutting board as the centerpiece of your kitchen island

A kitchen Island Decor Idea: Dough Bowl

Ugh, dough bowls get all my heart eyes. I looove their texture and warmth, and old-world feel. The contrast of a dough bowl with white cabinets makes the perfect modern farmhouse look.

The nice thing is since this is a bowl, you can use it for functional items and decorative items. Use the dough bowl to place fruit or veggies if you need extra kitchen storage. The added color this brings into the room is the perfect subtle pop of color.

To decorate a dough bowl as a centerpiece kitchen island decor, fill it with faux greenery around different-sized pillar candles. This also can be the perfect spot to have seasonal decorations. For Christmas, swap your greenery with pine and use leaves or mini pumpkins in the fall.

How to Use Fresh Fruit as Kitchen Decor Centerpieces

Grab a large bowl, maybe one that you already have tucked away in the pantry, or head to your local thrift store to find something that speaks to you. Once you have your bowl, place seasonal fruits in it, and now you have an instant kitchen island centerpiece. Which seconds as additional storage and the perfect pop of color in a white kitchen.

Cake Stand as Kitchen Island Decorations

I love my glass cake stand and will use this as kitchen island decor. It’s an easy way to decorate the island. I’ll fill it with baked goods such as muffins or cookies, and the kids love it because they have easy access to the goodies. I don’t know about you, but we barely have enough room to store the daily necessities in our kitchen, let alone try to find a spot for these treats. The cake stand is a functional addition that gives a place for these otherwise bulky items and everyone to get reach.

Kitchen Island Decor Farmhouse: Wicker Baskets

kitchen island decor centerpieces // kitchen island decor // kitchen island decorating ideas // kitchen island decor decorative trays // kitchen island decor farmhouse

Last but not least kitchen island centerpiece decor idea is wicker baskets. I personally have a basket problem and should be banned from bringing any more home. But I just love their texture and the warmth they bring to a room.

>> check out this post for more ideas on how to use baskets as decor!!

Drawing from some already suggested ideas, place greenery or fruit into the basket for instant kitchen island decor. A lush green hue against the browns of a wicker basket is the perfect combination. 

For a large island, you can use various-sized baskets and cluster them down the center of your island. I suggest using an odd number of baskets, starting with three. 

Kitchen Island Decor Centerpieces Tips

If styling decor intimidates you, you’re not alone! I loved the custom feel of shelves and centerpieces in the dining room or on a coffee table but felt paralyzed by what actually to put there. Over time I started noticing patterns between what looked good and what looked off. 

Following these simple rules is a great way to get started with styling kitchen island decor. 

  1. Odd numbers– Using three items clustered together works best.
  2. Color palettes– unless your style is eclectic, pick a color palette of only 2-3 different colors. For example, my go-to base colors are always white and black, and then I’ll add an accent such as gold or green. 
  3. Natural elements– incorporating real or fake natural elements is the key to cozy decor. Plants, faux greenery, and wooden accents are my go-to natural elements when styling decor. 

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