Hanging Baskets on Your Wall: A Budget Home Decor Idea

How to Hang Baskets on Wall // Tantrums and Tools

If you’re wondering how to hang baskets on wall, you’re in the right place! You’re also in the right place if you’re wondering why the heck you would want to hang a basket on the wall. If you’re a fan of baskets and looking for a budget friendly home decor idea, hanging baskets is a great way to satisfy both your love of baskets and your desire for budget decor. 

Here I’ll cover the essentials of easily hanging baskets on wall, why baskets are a great idea for wall decor, the different basket types, where to get baskets, and tips for arranging them on your wall.

Let’s dive into the good stuff!

Just a friendly reminder: This tutorial and any opinions or recommendations are genuinely mine, but this is not a substitute for consulting a professional. I also use affiliate links to earn a commission.

Why Baskets Make Great Wall Decor

If you’re not already in the loop that hanging baskets on a wall is a superb option for home decor, let me explain what you’re missing and why baskets are so great:

  • Baskets provide instant texture
  • Baskets bring in a natural element to any room
  • Baskets are unique and become statement pieces when added to the wall
  • A large variety of baskets are available for a very low price
  • Baskets create an inexpensive focal point of the room

Types of Baskets to Hang

Some baskets will be easier to hang on a wall than others, but don’t limit yourself because you’re worried if they will be able to be hung on the wall. Later in this post, I’ll share exactly how to hang baskets on the wall. Flat back and shallow baskets are ideal since this design makes it easier to attach to the wall, and a shallower basket won’t protrude into your room too far. The amount the basket sticks out from the wall is especially important when you use baskets as decor in a hallway. 

A tobacco basket is one specific type of basket that works so well for baskets as decor. These are a staple in farmhouse decorating due to their flat woven oak straps. What was once used as holding bundles of tobacco leaves now finds a second life as wall decor. 

Where to Get Baskets to Hang on Wall

How to Hang Baskets on Wall // Tantrums and Tools

Findings baskets are easy and can be as inexpensive or expensive as your budget allows. I personally love shopping at the local thrift store, so you can probably guess that this is my number one source for baskets at thrift stores. On a side note, I share so many of my thrift store decor secrets in this post, so go check it out if you want to be in the know.

My other go-to second-hand source for baskets is garage sales. Typically, you can find baskets for as little as a quarter when shopping these second-hand sources. The low prices of second-hand baskets are unbeatable. 

If you’re not into thrifting or don’t have the time it takes to wait for the perfect item while shopping second-hand, other great options for baskets are Hobby Lobby, World Market, At Home, and Home Goods. I’ve had luck at every one of these stores finding various colors, shapes, and sized baskets, all for a reasonable price.

How To Hang Baskets on Wall

Hanging baskets on a wall has one to two easy steps. Option one is to use a small nail or command hooks and directly hang the basket onto this. The other option has two steps: first, attaching a transparent fishing line or loop of string to the base of the basket and then hanging this on your nail or command strip. Smaller baskets will likely only need one attachment point, whereas a large basket may require two or three to ensure it is securely attached to the wall.

Tips For Arranging Bakets on Wall

Now that you know why you want a basket wall, where to find them, what to look for, and how to hang them, let me tell you the easiest way to arrange them! Finding the best spot to do a basket wall is easy because there is no wrong answer. From your living room to your bathroom or hallway, you can create wall art out of baskets anywhere you have empty walls. 

After determining where you will create a basket wall, you need to determine the basket wall layout. Playing with the layout is the best part; it’s a very visual step, which is probably why I love this so much.

The best strategy is to start with painter’s tape to mark your blank wall to give yourself an approximate idea of where you’d like to hang each basket. The best way is to start with your first basket at eye level and work from there.

How to Hang Baskets on Wall: Layout Ideas

How to Hang Baskets on Wall // Tantrums and Tools

Baskets make a beautiful gallery wall when hung in odd numbers and using different shapes of baskets. Mixing a variety of colors, different sizes, and different styles creates a truly unique work of art on your wall. But the opposite of this and just as stunning is using baskets with similar colors grouped. 

You can create the most interesting pattern or do a more linear layout. As you can see, the options are endless. Finding the exact configuration you love may take a few tries, but you’ll know once you have it right! Take a step back as you work to ensure you get the full view of the basket wall decor you’re creating.

You were wondering how to hang baskets on wall, and I delivered why you need a basket wall, different types of baskets, the best places to find the most affordable baskets, and how to hang and arrange baskets on your wall. I hope I have inspired you to transform your boring blank wall into something beautiful now that I’ve given you all these ideas. I’d love to see your before and after pics; send me an email!



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