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Today we’re talking about the never-ending chore of laundry and the one way I’ve come up with to make it a little less boring. And that is laundry room decor and printable laundry room signs DIY style! If you thought I had a solution to make all the loads of laundry magically do themselves, sorry! But for me, decorating and decor always make things better, so stick with me here. 

We spend a lot of time doing laundry, yes? Like it never ends. So why not fix up this space to be somewhere you won’t mind spending all that time in? 

In this post, I’m sharing laundry room layout ideas, decor and wall art, and bonus free laundry room printables to get you started! Whether your laundry room is a small space or a large space, these tips can help!

Just a friendly reminder: This tutorial and any opinions or recommendations are genuinely mine, but this is not a substitute for consulting a professional. I also use affiliate links to earn a commission.

Laundry Room Wall Art

printable laundry rooms signs DIY

Laundry room wall art is a great way to give this space a little personality. Laundry day will be a little less boring with the addition of a cute sign or two added to your walls. One of my favorite things is the chalkboard look, which is why I made this printable art for your laundry room! And not just one printable, for a limited time I’m sharing the entire bundle of 7 laundry room prints. Click the link and I’ll send this right to your inbox! From there, all you have to do is download the file and print the images! You can use your home computer or something like CVS to have them inexpensively printed on actual photo paper.

Laundry Room Layout

I will bet that most of us don’t have a gigantic laundry room, like the dreamy ones Pinterest always makes us want. The good news is there are a few tricks to your laundry room layout that will make your laundry space more functional, making you want to spend tons of time there.

If you’re building a new home or planning a laundry room makeover, my favorite laundry room layout is your washing and dryer placed next to each other with a workspace above them. With this layout, you also have the perfect space to put cabinetry or shelving above your counter where you can store all the laundry things (such as laundry detergent and stain removers.) If you have top-load washers, this layout will not work for you, but I still have an idea for you, and it’s shelving. Decorative ones, that is! You should still place these above your washer and dryer, but leave enough space to open and close your machines. 

You’d be amazed at how functional this layout is!

I used this layout for my laundry room space and mud room combo. Coincidentally, there was enough space to store my laundry baskets in front of the washer and dryer, so when you walked into the mudroom, you didn’t trip over anything. I recommend, if possible, making sure you can do the same with yours because you want to be able to leave the laundry basket in the space while clothes are washing and drying.  

Laundry Room Layout Pro Tip

printable laundry room signs DIY wall art // freebie alert!

The other laundry room layout tip is to have a space for a decorative basket where kids (and adults!) can toss dirty items. This way, you won’t have a pile of dirty laundry sitting on the floor while it waits for laundry day. It also helps to train your kids (and husbands…) where to put things, so if your family is anything like mine, this will cut down on the random socks lying around the first floor. They now have a specific spot and know to put them on the first floor. The basket acts as decor yet functions as storage, which is the ultimate goal when decorating!

Laundry Room Decor Ideas

So, I started to mention decor for your laundry room and how the ultimate goal is for it to look pretty yet have a function. I use this rule throughout my home because I don’t want to look at all the toys and kids’ gadgets, yet we absolutely need them. It is especially important to apply the functional decor rule in any smaller room in your house, particularly in the laundry room, because there are so many containers of things that you need on hand but don’t want to look at the original packaging. 

An easy way to decorate your laundry room with functional decor is with glass jars. I loooove me some old glass containers! And how perfect are they to hold your detergent, stain remover, fabric softener, dryer sheets etc? If being able to see what’s in the container is not your thing, or maybe the color of the fabric softener doesn’t match your decor, then I suggest opting for a container that is not see-through. Regardless of which container type you go for, these are the perfect way to decorate your laundry room yet still be functional

You may be asking, where do I put these jars and containers? Following my laundry room layout suggestion, you would put them on your workspace above your washer and dryer. The best spot is along the back and corners of the workspace above your washer and dryer. If possible, leave enough space for you to fold your laundry still. Open shelving is another perfect spot for these containers if you don’t have the workspace above your washer and dryer. It will look pretty and be ideally placed within reach while you are doing laundry. 

One last thing about the jars, they are super affordable! Check out my post on thrift store decor, where I share my tricks to find these for as little as a quarter!

Free Printable Laundry Room Signs Here

printable laundry rooms signs DIY

A few more things about using printables for laundry room decor and making DIY laundry room signs. First, this is a super fun project that is also easy and inexpensive, and even the most beginner diy’er can tackle this on the weekend.

Second, my free printable laundry room signs are for personal use only, but if you know a friend who would love these laundry signs, send this link right here: Printable Laundry Room Signs DIY.

Next time you’re in your laundry area, imagine how much better the space will look with the addition of some decor and wall art. After reading this, I hope you are inspired to make your laundry room a little more inviting. Come on, girl, after all the hours you spend in that room, you deserve it to be decorated in a way that makes your heart skip a beat! 

I would love to see how you used this printable laundry room art in your home; tag me in a photo on Instagram @tantrumsandtools or email me your pics!



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