Painting a Metal Headboard

how to paint metal headboard - does this answer surprise you? Click to learn more...

The answer to how to paint metal headboard is in here. Take a look and let me know, does this method surprise you?

Do you have an outdated bed frame, or maybe you’re redoing your bedroom, and now your bedframe no longer matches your new decor?

You definitely don’t need to spend more money on a headboard because they are so expensive and you like it, just not the color.

 It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do:

  • It’s so transformative
  • Doesn’t cost a lot of money
  • Something you can tackle on the weekend.

Wanna know how to get this new look and save your money so you can put it towards new decor for your bedroom?

The answer to how to paint a metal headboard is… spray paint!

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How to Paint Metal Headboard: The Supplies

You only need a few supplies to paint an old metal bed frame, and these will depend on the type of paint you use. Metal can be tricky to get paint to stick to, so I’d opt for some good old spray paint for the best results! 

The number of cans of spray paint will depend on your bed frame size. You’ll also need a damp cloth, a drop cloth (using an old sheet works, too!), a sunny day, or a well-ventilated space.

You may also opt to use fine-grit sandpaper or a metal primer, but these are optional. I’ve done plenty of spray paint projects without either of these and had excellent results.

Pros and Cons of Spray Painting an Old Iron Bed

The end result of spray painting a metal headboard is a totally transformed piece of furniture for very little money. Giving new life to your once outdated bedroom set is easy using spray paint, but just like everything in life, this approach has a few drawbacks.

One is you’ll need lots of cans of paint if you’re doing the whole bed. The other is the paint fumes are horrible. Lastly, there are mixed reviews about the durability of spray paint. It’s not the most durable finish (well get to that option later), but it will last for quite some time, and it’s easy enough to do a quick touch-up when needed.

furniture flipping freebie //

For durability reference, I spray-painted my metal front door handle and my camper faucet; both lasted for a long time without any issues.

The pros totally outweigh the cons of the project because…

  1. spray paint is readily available at any hardware store (and even Walmart!)
  2. it does not cost a lot of money
  3. your headboard doesn’t have to be in perfect condition
  4. there are many different types of finishes making this project even more exciting!

How to Paint Metal Headboard: The Easy Steps

The easiest way to do this is to set up outside because spray paint fumes are nasty and linger. Being out in a well-ventilated area is just easier for prep and also for your health.

The first step is to make sure you’re starting with a clean and smooth surface. Use an old rag and wipe everything down. Use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth down any rough spots.

Don’t hold it too close, and don’t hold it in one place.

The next step is to apply your first coat of paint. The trick to an even coat of paint is to apply multiple thin coats. If you apply spray paint too thick, it will drip, and once this happens, there is not much you can do about it since you’re not brushing and rolling the paint. The best option to help you only apply light coats is to hold the can about six inches from the headboard and keep the can continuously moving. Then, before you apply the second coat, let everything completely dry.

How to Paint Metal Headboard: Different Types of Paint

how to paint metal headboard - does this answer surprise you? Click to learn more...

If you want to use a different kind of paint, another extremely durable option is enamel paint. This paint dries hard, has a slight shine, and is extremely easy to clean. It also has antirust properties, which are great for painting a metal headboard. To apply this paint, you’ll use a smaller brush and a foam roller, and just as you did with the spray paint, apply this in multiple thin layers. 

How to Paint Metal Headboard: Wooden Bed Frame

If you’re planning to paint wooden beds, my recommendation for how to paint it is totally different! These tips are specific to metal surfaces, so if you’re working with wood, check out this super helpful post on furniture restoration

You may have watched a million videos of flippers working how furniture, but you’re left feeling overwhelmed by which products to use, when to strip and when to sand, what paint is the best, and more. If you’re just starting, you know exactly what I’m talking about. perfect solution to all your questions. This post covers all the basics- I share my exact supply list and review the entire furniture restoration process from start to finish, giving you the best methods, so you can walk away with a plan to tackle your furniture makeover!

There you have it! You wondered how to paint a metal headboard and I told you everything you need to know, but don’t just take my word for it, go and try it for yourself!

I hope you’re feeling more confident about tackling this project. Working with spray paint is seriously so fun. If you have a metal headboard and are looking to give it an update, go ahead and give this project a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I actually think quite the opposite, you’ll want to find more things that you can spray paint!



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