Everything You Need to Start DIY Projects

How to get started with DIY Projects by Tantrums and Tools

Are you considering attempting DIY projects but aren’t sure how to get started? Are you looking for an easy do it yourself home improvement? Or do you want to tackle a few DIY home decorating projects but need a little more information first? Regardless of your reason to want to know about DIY projects, this guide is for you!

Here you’ll discover if you’re qualified to DIY, six reasons why DIY is a good idea, beginner-level DIY projects, the best DIY tools you’ll need to get started, where to get DIY project inspiration, and so much more. I love DIY projects but understand it can be a little intimidating to get started; that’s why I’m sharing all my tips to help your DIY project dreams come true.

My first piece of advice, this guide is long, so pin it now because you’re going to need to refer to this again later!

DIY Projects Everything You Need To Know by Tantrums and Tools
Disclaimer: Please remember that I am a DIY enthusiast, not a professional. This article is for general information use and is not a substitute for professional advice. Before taking any actions, consult a professional! Additionally, this may contain links to affiliate websites where I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using my link. All opinions and recommendations are my own. I appreciate you taking my suggestions and using my links. Thank you for being so supportive!

Are YOU Qualified for DIY Projects?

Easy Home Improvement DIY Projects by Tantrums and Tools

If you’re wondering if you are qualified to do DIY projects, the answer is YES! My stance on DIY projects is, where there is a will, there is a way. As long as you know your limits, then I’d say go for it. I suggest starting small, especially if you are doing DIY on a budget, building your confidence and skill set because the more DIY projects you do, the better you’ll become.

Focus on PROGRESS over perfection

I approach starting a DIY project with an idea of how I want things to turn out, but ultimately, I let my creativity take charge and determine the project’s outcome. This is especially true when refinishing furniture since each piece is so unique, and you never really know how things will turn out until you start stripping all those layers off. Most importantly, when doing DIY projects, focus on progress over perfection.

6 Reasons to DIY (number 5 might surprise you)

DIY projects on a budget // reasons I DIY

These are my six reasons I DIY, and I think at least one of these you can relate to, if not more!

Reason to DIY #1: Budget

  • I’m on a budget, and doing it myself saves me money. DIY on a budget means money saved, and more money means more DIY projects.

Reason to DIY #2: Self-Confidence

  • The confidence boost and satisfaction of doing DIY projects and saying, “I made this” never gets old.

Reason to DIY #3: Control

  • I can be very particular, so I have complete control over the little details, which I like about DIY projects.

Reason to DIY #4: Exercise

  • Using tools is both physically and mentally rewarding. DIY projects are a workout without stepping into the gym and a therapy session from all the time spent thinking. A win, win in my book!

Reason to DIY #5: Healing

  • Creativity is what makes me feel alive. I like to say it is nourishing my soul. After completely losing myself to a toxic marriage, I was left no longer knowing who I was. I didn’t know what I needed at a very foundational level, let alone what I wanted. But once I started creating, I felt something like a spark to my soul. I felt myself coming alive again and gained self-confidence and pride with each project (even those DIY projects that flop). It might be a little unexpected, but I can honestly say DIY projects have helped me heal.

Reason to DIY #6: Building a life I love

  • DIY projects help me to build a life I love. Sometimes I build things for my home, sometimes I’m destructing furniture, and sometimes I’m working on DIY home decorating projects. These projects are more than just the outcome; they are the journey that is my way of building a life I love.

Beginner DIY Projects

DIY Projects For the Home Improvement by Tantrums and Tools

Do you feel a little overwhelmed getting started with DIY projects? I can only imagine why, from deciding on your first project and then having to determine what supplies you’ll need, what tools you’ll use, and what technique you’ll try… (insert mind-blown emoji).

Again, my best advice is to start small, entry-level low-risk stuff and then build up to bigger projects as your skills and confidence grow.

Here are a few beginners DIY projects:

Kids Crafts

  • Nothing easier than working with yarn, glitter, and glue! DIY kids projects are a low-risk approach to get your creative juices flowing and (bonus) keeping your kids entertained.

Refinishing Furniture

  • If you’re doing DIY on a budget, refinishing furniture is an excellent way to start DIY projects. With a bit of patience, you’ll be able to find an item for free, and the only financial investment you’ll have to make is covering the small cost of supplies.
  • If you’re considering this as your DIY project, you’ll also want to check out my ultimate refinishing furniture guide where I cover what to look for in a potential furniture flip, where to find items, how to refinish furniture by stripping it, how to paint furniture, bleach wood, and so much more.
furniture flipping freebie // www.TantrumsandTools.com

DIY Home Decorating Projects

  • Home decor is another area to consider a DIY project. When I moved into my current home, my first DIY home decorating projects were painting books and a DIY blanket ladder. If you’re scratching your head wondering why I painted books, you can find why in my 9 Unique Budget Decor Ideas post.

DIY For the Home

  • There is plenty of DIY for the home projects that are NOT beginner level, so be cautious and select easy do it yourself home improvements. I suggest trying German Schmearing brick or a Sponge paint accent wall. I did both of these DIY projects in my home and continue to be amazed at how simple and affordable they were! Here is a link to my gorgeous and unique German Schmear technique.

Easy Do It Yourself Home Improvement

  • If you’re a little handy or have prior knowledge of fundamental power tool use, then an easy do it yourself home improvement is Board and Batten. DIY Board and batten is pretty straightforward to complete, and it utilizes a few different tools to help you build your skills (which is always fun!). It is an easy do it yourself home improvement because the cuts required for this are primarily straight! This DIY project will get you comfortable using a saw and nailer.

Best Tools for DIY Projects

DIY project tools and supplies by Tantrums and Tools

You don’t need many, the fanciest or most expensive tools to start DIY projects. You just need something that will (safely) get the job done! There are hobby-grade tools and then, of course, professional-grade. Choose whichever you like and can afford!

These tools are ones I use regularly and suggest as the best to get started with DIY projects. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with all the DIY projects you can tackle with these. And, might I add, power tools are pretty fun to operate! My favorites to use are the miter saw, brad nailer, and paint sprayer.

DIY’er Tip

I’ve slowly been building my tool collection over the past few years. Each year for my birthday, I will purchase myself a new tool! During Home Depot’s tool savings days, I’ve also scored some fantastic deals on tools. When doing DIY projects, you’ll be spending a lot of time at the hardware store, so keep your eye on their savings events.

For each DIY project you attempt, you’ll find a new tool or supply that you may need to purchase, but in general, this is a list of the ones I find myself using time and time again.

DIY Home Decorating Project Tools

  • Hand tools: The two hand tools that are a must for your DIY project tool collection are a hammer and a square.
  • Measuring Tape: You can’t start DIY projects without one of these! I absolutely love the measuring tape I have for its locking mechanism, rubber bottom, and, best of all, the fractional blade markings. I’ll be the first to (shamelessly) admit I don’t know which measurement all those little lines are, which doesn’t matter when I have a tape measure like this!
  • Cordless Drill: A cordless drill is convenient to have around the house and handy to help speed up DIY projects. It makes removing hardware, hanging decor, and so on a breeze. I love my HART cordless drill and drive kit and highly suggest this one because of all the added accessories. I have also been very impressed with HART’s quality for the price point. When just starting with DIY projects, this cordless drill is ideal.
  • Sander: There are a variety of power sanders available, and because I learned on an orbital sander, that is what I’ve stuck with using for all my DIY projects. I use this thing all the time- from big home improvement projects like sanding my stairs to smaller DIY projects like refinishing furniture. Depending on the project, I may opt to buy a variety pack of sandpaper, but my most commonly used sandpaper is 60 and 220 grit.
  • Paint Sprayer:highly suggest investing in a paint sprayer for DIY projects. I have a reasonably priced one that has more than paid for itself in the number of projects I’ve done with it. This paint sprayer is just around $100 and makes all the difference in your final finish, and it also significantly cuts down on the amount of time it takes to paint. That’s a double win in my book!
  • Accessories: DIY projects make a pretty big mess, which I’m not a huge fan of cleaning this big mess up. I’d rather be DIY’ing! So, to cut down on clean up time, I suggest drop cloths. And if you’re doing DIY on a budget, I recommend picking up a bunch of old sheets at your local thrift store. I typically look for king-sized sheets, which cost me about $2 each. 

Easy Do It Yourself Home Improvement Tools

In addition to that list, if you’re going to be attempting easy do it yourself home improvements, then I suggest adding these to your collection:

  • Nailer: This tool may be one of the most satisfying to work with; something about it, I find fun! I started out using my dad’s brad nailer powered by a compressor, but since expanding my tool collection, I opted for this cordless brad nailer and couldn’t be more impressed! I especially like that I don’t have to lug around a big, loud compressor. For just about one hundred bucks, you might think it lacks something, but this cordless brad nailer has not let me down. It’s powerful and has many settings making this an excellent budget-friendly tool. I’ve tackled big home improvements, the Board and batten up my stairs, and smaller DIY projects like the farmhouse x cabinet doors with this nail gun.
  • Miter Saw: Another essential tool for DIY projects is the miter saw. With this tool, you can complete easy do it yourself home improvements and DIY home decorating projects; it’s so versatile! The miter saw is another of my favorites, and I feel confident and in control while using it. As a DIY newbie, I found this simple to learn how to operate safely.
  • Multi-Tool: Last but certainly not least is the multi-tool. Based on the name, I’m sure you can guess why I suggest this for those getting started with DIY projects, because it has so many uses! It’s similar to the cordless drill, this tool is handy to have around, and you’ll be surprised by how many times you’ll end up needing it. After owning one, you may wonder how you survived without it before!

Finding Inspiration For DIY Projects

DIY project ideas // DIY project inspiration by Tantrums and Tools

Finding inspiration for DIY projects, DIY home decorating projects, and even easy do it yourself home improvement ideas are everywhere! My favorite go-to places are Pinterest, Instagram, and LikeToKnow.it.

I particularly love Pinterest for the ability to leave a private note to myself right on a Pin. I also love how organized Pinterest keeps my ideas. The way I do it is to make different boards to keep all my DIY projects straight. It’s an understatement when I say I have a lot of ideas, so this function is incredibly useful to me.

Another way to quickly find inspiration for DIY projects on Pinterest is to follow people with similar tastes and styles. By doing this, every time you pop on to Pinterest, their ideas will fill your feed. Come find and follow me on Pinterest to keep up on all my DIY projects and inspiration.

I’m also a member of several social media groups to find new DIY projects, tips, tricks, and ideas. This type of community is a fun and engaging way to learn from others, be inspired, and discover new techniques and tools.

Easy do it yourself home improvements by Tantrums and Tools
DIY home decorating projects ideas by Tantrums and Tools
DIY on a budget idea by Tantrums and Tools

You asked how to get started with DIY projects, and I delivered all my best tips and tools. I hope you’re feeling more confident about DIY projects now that I’ve covered all the essential steps. I’m no expert, just a girl building a life I love, with a passion for sharing what has worked for me. 


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