Making a DIY Master Bedroom Accent Wall – The Greatest Guide

DIY Master Bedroom Accent Wall // Shiplap Behind the Bed //

Everything You Need to Know About a DIY Master Bedroom Accent Wall

A DIY master bedroom accent wall is the perfect idea if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to add character to your room. Giving your bedroom a fresh and new look is easy with DIY projects such as this. 

You probably already knew this. You want to incorporate an accent wall in your master bedroom makeover but can’t decide on a design.

You’re wondering what the right wall is and whether your accent wall should be lighter or darker.

And how exactly should you build this? Do you have the right tools? And how much is this going to cost? 

Take a breath! This guide gives you everything you need to make adding an accent wall effortless and fun. You only need basic diy skills, a few tools, and a small budget. 

Let’s get to the first step, deciding on an accent wall design.

Just a friendly reminder: This tutorial and any opinions or recommendations are genuinely mine, but this is not a substitute for consulting a professional. I also use affiliate links to earn a commission.

Affordable and Easy Master Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas and Designs

DIY Master Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas // Herringbone Accent Wall Behind the Bed //

An accent wall creates a focal point in your bedroom and is the perfect way to anchor your design. You’ve searched Pinterest and know there are many different styles of accent walls for your bedroom. You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of accent wall ideas. 

So, let’s make deciding on your own design easier. By categorizing the different options, it makes the possibilities seem more manageable. Here they are:

Wood Paneling Accent Wall

The most popular different types of wood panels are shiplap, tongue and groove wainscoting, and beadboard. The difference between shiplap and tongue and groove is how the boards connect. The difference between these and beadboard is more obvious.

  • Shiplap boards have an L-shaped lip that overlaps. 
  • Tongue and groove have interlocking edges.
  • Beadboard is a vertically grooved panel with an inch or two between each raised portion of the board.

Another thing about shiplap is that you can change the finished look by which side you choose to face out. One side is rough, which gives a rustic look. The other side is smooth for a more polished look.

These panels are the same material as the category I’ll mention next, but they need to be in a category since you are not creating a pattern. This style accent wall creates a full wall vs a patterned wall. Still an accent wall, but achieved by attaching full boards to the entire wall.

Wood Accent Wall

Wood is a typical material choice for accent walls. You can use natural wood, plastic, or MDF boards to create your accent wall. I’ve used all three, and out of the three do not recommend the MDF board because it is so porous and a pain in the butt to paint.

A board and batten accent wall is a popular design idea that uses these materials. When you know how to do Board and batten, you realize how incredibly simple it is. The board is your backer board, and the batten is your horizontal boards. And if you have a smooth wall, you don’t even need to add a backer. That’s it! 

A herringbone pattern is perfect for you if you want something a little less traditional and a little more modern. You attach the wood boards to your wall as you do for board and batten. The only difference is in the pattern. It seems too simple for how transformative these designs are.

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Painted Accent Wall

Another incredibly transformative bedroom accent wall idea is paint. But not just a plain ol’ painted wall. I’m talking about creating wall art like murals, sponge-painted patterns, stenciled art, and geometric shapes.

Painting your accent wall is super affordable. All you need is a paint brush and painter’s tape. These designs are a great choice if you want to add a pop of color. Painting the wall one color and painting your design in a contrasting color is the best way to add color without overdoing it.

Geometric Patterns

Consider geometric patterns for your accent wall if you are going for a modern, playful, or colorful look. To achieve a geometric design, you can use wood, vinyl, wallpaper, or paint. Get creative and do shapes in different sizes, or create something youthful using whimsical shapes and colors.

Faux Brick Wall

Faux brick comes in super easy-to-install panels that you can buy from Home Depot. There are two ways to use faux brick panels. The first is to leave them as is. That is the authentic brick look.

The other option is to paint the brick paneling. First, you’ll want to caulk or plaster the space between each panel to make your accent wall look like one seamless wall. Next, paint the wall using one solid color. 

My favorite finish for brick is German Schmear. This rugged sophisticated look is timeless and extremely easy to do yourself. I have mastered the German Schmear technique, and so can you!

I used this gorgeous German Smear method on my brick fireplace, and you can use this exact method on your brick panelling.

Wallpaper Accent Wall

Don’t dismiss this idea because I’m not talking about something heinous like what is at your grandma’s house. Wallpaper is absolutely in style. That is if you choose a stylish design.

I get your hesitation about wallpaper. After weeks of removing wallpaper from every surface in my 1960s cape house, I also swore wallpaper off for life. But the available peel and stick wallpaper options seem like a good compromise because they are so easy to remove.

Traditional-style wallpaper applied with glue still makes for a good accent wall. Lots of people use this, and it turns out beautifully. I am still traumatized from my never-ending wallpaper removal project, that I am just not there yet.

What is the Best Wall for an Accent Wall in a Bedroom?

Does and accent wall have to go behind the bed? // Green Vertical Shiplap Accent Wall in the Bedroom //

Creating a focal point using the entire wall adds drama and character to your bedroom. The perfect place for an accent wall is behind your bed. It’s also the most commonly used spot people use when incorporating an accent wall in their master bedroom.

Does an accent wall in a bedroom have to be behind the bed?

Although behind the bed is a popular choice, not all bedroom accent walls have to be behind the bed. Something there is another wall that makes more sense.

To determine the best location for your accent wall, ask yourself what wall stands out when you first walk into the room. Or, sometimes, the wall directly across from you when entering the room is the best choice. 

Does an Accent Wall Make a Room Look Bigger or Smaller?

You might think that adding material to a wall would make the space feel smaller. But it’s quite the opposite. An accent wall makes the room feel taller.

It’s the same effect as how hanging curtains as high up as possible magically makes the ceiling feel sky-high. So, accent walls are a great idea for small spaces.

Should Accent Walls Be Painted a Lighter or Darker Color?

Your accent wall should be a darker paint color than the other walls in the room. The dark color should also coordinate with the room’s overall color scheme. 

Remember, just because you have a white wall doesn’t mean any color will look good. White paint has undertones that the accent wall will emphasize, so choose wisely.

The most common paint colors for dark walls are black, dark navy, green, or grey color. I love how these colors make a statement yet maintain a neutral color palette, making coordinating home decor easy.

What Do You Need to Make a Wood DIY Accent Wall?

The necessary tools for creating a bedroom accent wall are minimal. If you’ve even just dabbled in diy, the odds are that you already have all of these tools.

Your basic safety equipment, measuring devices, and paint supplies are not listed because those are just a given in.

  1. Nail Gun: I love my cordless battery-operated Brad Nailer
  2. Table Saw: This compound miter saw is great for this type of project.
  3. Multi-Tool: helpful if you have to trim a base board or ceiling molding.
  4. Laser Level: For all those straight lines because it won’t be so good if this are not level.
  5. Paintable Caulk and wood filler: stock up because you’ll need a lot for this tedious part of this project. Ever edge and all those nail holes need filling.

Should I Nail or Glue a Wood Accent Wall?

To glue or not to glue, that is the question. The answer is don’t do it! Appropriately sized nails are plenty enough to hold up your boards. Plus, if you ever change your mind, you’ll thank me.

When you glue the boards on, removal is near impossible without damaging the drywall. And we all know damaged drywall is just a massive headache.

A wooden accent wall is an easy project, so don’t complicate it by gluing the boards to the wall. Keep in mind the finish work of this project is the worst part.

The caulking and nail hole filling will take you longer than installing. But trust me, the sense of accomplishment, once done, is worth it!

The Cost of Adding an Accent Wall in Your Master Bedroom

The total cost to complete your bedroom accent wall is pretty minimal. Even larger areas, with all things considered, won’t break the bank. The cost of this diy project comes in the form of hard work. Well, not hard, but it takes a lot of time.

Calculating the cost for your accent wall is simple. The easy way to get a rough estimate is if you’re doing a wooden accent wall, multiply the total number of boards by the cost of the boards and add in a little extra for nails, caulk, primer, and paint. If you’re painting your accent wall, tally up the paint cost plus a brush. 

Plus, the reward for adding an accent wall is far outweighs the cost.

Once you’ve done one, you’ll agree that accent walls are not just for your bedroom. These work in any living space – living room, dining room, home office, nursery, you get the point. Good thing adding an accent wall doesn’t cost much because it’s a little addicting to design different ones.

I’d love to see your DIY master bedroom accent wall – share in the comments what design you decided on, or tag me in a photo on Instagram!

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