How To German Schmear Brick- A Stunning DIY German Smear Technique

How to german schmear by Tantrums and Tools

German Schmear Brick Technique

Are you considering doing German Schmear to brick or possibly your fireplace? If you’re considering DIY German Smear but not quite sure where to start, then this is for you! I have a how to German Schmear technique that will completely transform your dingy brick from sad to stunning. The best part about this home improvement project is how easy and inexpensive German Schmear can be.

German smear brick fireplace. Modern farmhouse budget decorating by Tantrums and Tools

Here you’ll find the steps to DIY German Smear and all the supplies I love (and trust) for this home improvement project. I’ll also show you my fireplace’s amazing transformation using this stunning DIY German smear technique. My first piece of advice, this post is packed with helpful info, so pin it now because you’re going to want to refer to this again later!

Disclaimer: Please remember that I am a DIY enthusiast, not a professional. This article is for general information use and is not a substitute for professional advice. Before taking any actions, consult a professional! Additionally, this may contain links to affiliate websites where I receive a small commission if you make a purchase using my link. All opinions and recommendations are my own. I appreciate you taking my suggestions and using my links. Thank you for being so supportive!

Why German Schmear

DIY German smear how to tutorial by Tantrums and Tools

DIY German Smear Cost

The greatest thing about DIY German Smear is how incredibly affordable it is to complete. Would you believe me if I told you it only cost $30 to totally transform my fireplace with German smear? I’ll let you be the judge, so keep scrolling for my before and after German Schmear fireplace transformation.

German Smear Technique

How to german smear brick by Tantrums and Tools

Another benefit of this home improvement project is how quick and easy it is. It took me under two hours to German smear my fireplace, which even I was incredibly shocked by how fast things went! As far as ease of doing this German smear technique, we are talking beginner-level DIY.

Are you still feeling a little unsure about tackling German smear? I’ll be honest, even though I consider myself “handy enough,” I was a little nervous about this home improvement project because mortar is…well…permanent, and I wasn’t sure what I would do if it didn’t work out. But! Not only did it work out, but it also turned out absolutely stunning! Trust me; you can do this.

How To German Schmear

German Schmear brick fireplace by Tantrums and Tools

DIY German Smear Steps

One last note before I go over my stunning German smear technique, I have listed all the supplies needed for this home improvement project further down in this post. I’ve also linked a video showing how to German Schmear, so keep reading for these essential details.

German Schmear Brick fireplace by Tantrums and Tools

Now let’s get to the good stuff, how to German Schmear!

How To German Schmear Step 1

  • Using your putty knife put mortar into the grout bag
  • Fill the grout bag about halfway with mortar

How To German Schmear Step 2

  • Start from the top corner of your brick workspace
  • Add a layer of mortar in the grooves (like you are outlining the brick)
  • Work in a small area of 2-3 bricks at a time

How To German Schmear Step 3

  • Now you will wipe away any excess mortar using your finger
  • Don’t remove it all, just the bigger blobs (so technical, I know!)
  • Use a bucket of water to keep your hands clean

How To German Schmear Step 4

  • Next, using your trowel, smear the mortar across the bricks in an “x” motion
  • To complete this step, go from the upper left to lower right portion of where you placed mortar and completing the “x” by going from the upper right to lower left of where you placed mortar (this is where the video is helpful to see, go check it out!)
  • Spread the mortar as much or as little as you’d like. Just go with what looks good to you!

That’s it! You will repeat these steps unto you’ve done German schmear to all the brick. That’s how simple my DIY German smear technique truly is!

Clean Up Tip: Rinse everything off outside!! You do not want mortar going down your drain!!

How To German Schmear Brick Video Tutorial

diy german schmear brick fireplace by Tantrums and Tools

If you’re a visual person, then you’ll want to check out my full highlight on this DIY German smear technique, saved on Instagram. This video tutorial is packed with extra DIY tips and helps you see what I’m talking about in step 4 of how to German Schmear.

Before and After German Schmear Brick

Are you ready to see the stunning transformation I’ve been talking about? Here is the before picture of my dark, dingy brick fireplace and the amazing after picture of my fireplace, which DIY German Smear has totally transformed. In my opinion, this German Schmear technique gave my living room the final touch of perfection, and to this day, I am still shocked by how German schmear made my fireplace so gorgeous.

Brick fireplace before German Schmear
Before German Schmear
After DIY German Schmear by Tantrums and Tools
After German Schmear

German Schmear Supplies

DIY german smear tools and supplies by Tantrums and Tools

My Favorite Home Improvement Tools

I have listed all the supplies necessary to complete this DIY project:

View all the German schmear supplies I used here

You asked how to German Schmear brick, and I delivered all my best tips and tools. I hope you’re feeling more confident about this home improvement project now that I’ve covered all the essential steps to DIY German smear. I’m no expert, just a girl building a life I love, with a passion for sharing what has worked for me. 


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