Shaker Style Bedroom Furniture: Solid Wood Furniture Ideas

Shaker Style Bedroom Furniture

Are you looking for bedroom furniture that will stand the test of time? Look no further; shaker style bedroom furniture is solid hardwood furniture with striking clean lines that are both a traditional style and popular style to furnish your bedroom. Shaker furniture is simple yet elegant and designed for functionality and durability. This furniture style originated back in 1860, but lucky for you, skilled Amish cabinetmakers are still making this style of furniture right here in the United States.

Let’s dive into everything you want to know about shaker style bedroom furniture!

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Why Shaker Style Bedroom Furniture

Shaker-style bedroom furniture is great quality furniture with simple lines and beautiful finishes from the finest hardwoods and the strongest craftsmanship. This furniture style was made with great care and carried the maker’s values of simplicity into their furniture pieces. The minimalist design has straight lines, and everything about the furniture piece was designed with function and ease of use. 

About the Fine Craftsmanship

Shaker furniture uses the finest types of materials and the strongest joinery techniques. Types of wood commonly used are solid oak, brown maple, white oak, tiger maple, solid cherry… you get the point! Shaker-style furniture uses the good stuff that is gorgeous and will last forever! Amish artisans are good a replicating the joinery techniques developed by the Shakers. Tenon joinery and dovetail joints are two examples of the methods used to craft this furniture style, both known for being incredibly strong.

Types of Shaker Style Bedroom Furniture

Shaker Style Bedroom Furniture
Vermont Woods Studios

Whether you want an entire shaker bedroom collection or you want to mix and match your furniture pieces. The beauty of shaker furniture is the simplicity that coordinates so beautifully with other styles of furniture and decor.

Shaker style beds range in style from a sleigh bed, to slat bed, or four-poster beds.

A shaker nightstand provides the perfect spot to keep a bedside lamp and charge your phone and watch. This style nightstand will have at least one drawer, which is the ideal spot to keep your book or journal. 

A shaker dresser provides ample storage to organize all your clothes yet will be durable enough to take all your use for years to come. The unique design feature of shaker style bedroom furniture is the drawer fronts are crafted with a single sheet of solid wood versus many smaller pieces of wood. The flat front cabinet and drawer is not only the signature look of shaker style furniture; it makes these furniture pieces so durable. 

Shaker Collections: It’s Not Just for the Bedroom

Do you love the look and sounds of shaker style furniture but don’t need a bedroom set? This style of furniture is available for every room in the house. Add it to your living room with a side table or floor mirrors. The shaker-style dining room tables are stunningly simple yet strong and will hold up against your kids climbing all over them. 

Are you now realizing that working from home is your new norm? Invest in office furniture that inspires you. Vermont Wood Studios has the most stunning shaker style furniture. This modern shaker executive desk is the perfect heirloom office desk that will motivate you to get to work from home.

When considering furniture for your home, there is a balance between quality, functionality, and budget. Although most true shaker-style furniture does not fall into the budget-friendly category, it is something I would consider splurging on since it will literally last forever. The designs are not going out of style, and the furniture pieces will not break. Another great thing about the shaker style is it is effortless to decorate a room around these furniture pieces due to their minimalistic lines. 

If you are looking for budget-friendly ways to update your bedroom, check out these super affordable bedroom makeover ideas.

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