Top Joanna Gaines Paint Colors [Fixer Upper & Magnolia Home]

Joanna Gaines paint colors // Fixer Upper & Magnolia Home Collection // Neutral Home Paint Colors

You can not go wrong if you stick with the Joanna Gaines paint colors. She’s shown us how using white and black creates a perfect modern farmhouse look.

And now, lucky for all of us, the former star of Fixer Upper has released the most beautiful paint collection named Magnolia Home Paint. Joanna’s made the paint selection process so simple and fun.

You probably know by now that finding the right paint color is daunting. Fortunately, her collection offers a perfect farmhouse-style palette of different colors, ranging from deep greens to creamy whites.

Take the guesswork out of coordinating colors with Joanna’s paints; you can easily find that perfect color for your DIY home project! 

The Most Popular Magnolia Paint Colors by Joanna Gaines

The Magnolia Home paint collection is a sophisticated line of colors designed to evoke a feeling of cozy and comfort. This new paint line creates the perfect backdrop for your home needs.

Either that means gathering around the table with family or friends or curling up in your favorite chair with a good book. These timeless colors make you feel at ease, like you can settle in and enjoy what matters to you most. 

Magnolia Home paint colors make picking whole house color schemes easy with different whites and neutrals like almond, beige, and grey.

There are accent colors ranging from a light, airy blue to a deep, rich navy. And the greens are perfectly curated and have a full range of light to rich color tones. With Magnolia Home’s beautiful paint colors, you’ll undoubtedly find something to fit your unique style.

Just a friendly reminder: This tutorial and any opinions or recommendations are genuinely mine, but this is not a substitute for consulting a professional. I also use affiliate links to earn a commission.

The Best Joanna Gaines Paint Colors from Her Magnolia Home Collection

True White

Magnolia’s True White paint color is classic and does not compete with the other colors in the room. It’s pure white but not stark. It’s light enough to eliminate shadows, yet it keeps a room feeling bright and spacious.

True White adds dimension to your walls, creating a perfect backdrop for furniture, artwork, and decor. Best of all, this timeless color pairs nicely with just about any other hue making it the perfect whole-home neutral wall color. 


The color weekend is a warm blue color that is part of the Magnolia Market paint collection. This bold blue hue adds sophistication, mystery, and elegance to any room.

It’s a perfectly balanced blue because it is dark enough to be a deep blue but not so dark that it looks black.

Its dark shade makes any room feel cozy and inviting. Perfect for classic interiors, use Weekend on furniture, walls, cabinets, and doors for an effortlessly stylish look.

Drawing Room

This soft gray is a beautiful light gray shade that brings texture and dimension to your walls. This paint hue doesn’t overpower. Instead, it creates an inviting atmosphere for family and friends alike.

It adds subtle charm and character to any room. And pairs perfectly with the paint color Castle Cream or Silos White, just as Joanna and Chip did in their castle renovation.

Shiplap White

It is one of Joana’s favorite materials, so it’s no surprise that she opted for her eponymous line of paint in its classic white base tone.

Shiplap White provides a timeless feel to any room. Use it in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms for just the perfect touch of Farmhouse to your home.

Shiplap White is a creamy, weathered white that makes any room feel like home. This cream-white color brings an understated elegance with hints of warmth to the walls. 

Chime Gray

If you want a neutral paint color but not white, try Chime Gray from Magnolia Paint. This almost white shade of gray has slight green undertones and is perfect for a whole home paint color scheme. 

The light tone will bring out deep furnishings and accessories while providing a serene atmosphere. It’s also the ideal backdrop for showcasing bright-colored décor that’ll stand out against the subtle grey paint color.


Conservatory is a rich, dark charcoal gray that almost looks black in the right light. But it’s better than black because this paint color has so much depth. It beautifully adds mood and makes the perfect accent color for a kitchen island, front door, or even a shiplap ceiling like the Gaines did in their castle home conservatory room.

Ella Rose Pink

Consider Ella Rose pink if you’re looking for a classic pink color. Inspired by Joanna’s family name Rose, this pale pink is elegant, graceful, and timeless. It is the perfect pink for a little girl’s room. Or, if you’re a little bold, use this pink accent color in your bathroom, bedroom, or even front door.

Joanna Gaines Most Used Fixer Upper Paint Colors

Joanna Gaines, former HGTV fixer-upper star, is well-known for using white paint for kitchen cabinets, walls, ceilings, and furniture to create a bright and inviting feel in homes. Her go-to paint colors have almost become a trademark of her style, with white as one of her favorite colors.

In her early days of the show, her go-to favorite is reported to be Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster. To achieve the perfect fixer-upper paint color scheme, you’ll also want to include soft grays, sage, or olive greens, and don’t forget black accents.

What Color Grey Paint Does Joanna Gaines Use?

Joanna Gaines is known for her modern farmhouse look; to achieve this style, she often relies on shades of grey. Suggested gray paint colors to attain her look are: 

  • Modern Gray (SW 7632)
  • Dorian Gray (SW 7017)
  • Agreeable Gray (SW 7029)
  • Gossamer Veil (SW 0602)
  • Mindful Gray (SW 7016)

Joanna Gaines House Paint Colors

The Farmhouse Paint Colors

The original Gaines home was country living with the most flawlessly refinished farmhouse, situated on a big plot of land with all kinds of flourishing gardens and farm animals. Joanna has a knack for design and finding the perfect farmhouse paint color.

If you want to create the perfect farmhouse look, why not turn to their farmhouse for ideas on what paints are best? Joanna's neutral color palette gives that farmhouse feel without being old or too country if you know what I mean.

Here is some modern farmhouse paint color inspiration from the ones she uses in her own home:

Gaines Castle Heights Paint Colors

The natural color palette of her Castle home creates an inviting and warm atmosphere. Joanna beautifully displays her favorite shades of Magnolia Paint Colors throughout this home. 

Take a look inside the Gaines Castle to see these colors in real life and get ready to be inspired:

The Best Magnolia Green Paint Colors

Those who love the delicate farmhouse appeal of the Magnolia Home line are sure to embrace their range of green paint colors. Look no further than pale green shades like Magnolia Home's Clean Lines or Stoneware Pieces for a soft, classic, and instantly uplifting mood.

These green colors are both along the lines of a creamy mint green and are perfect for an accent wall.

Magnolia Green is similar to an uplifting green and a great option if you want a deeper hue. Or, for something more sophisticated yet still youthful, try Aspen Leaf.

If you're a fan of dark paint colors and want something moody try Cottage Grove and Lemon Leaves. And for an even darker jewel-toned color green, try 1905 Green or Step Stool Green.

Is Magnolia Paint High Quality?

A common question homeowners ask is: Is Magnolia Paint high quality? The answer is yes! Kilz paint crafts this entire paint collection, so you know this stuff is good. 

Magnolia Paint offers various paints designed to help you achieve the perfect color and finish on any project. It uses advanced technology to provide superior coverage and durability with lasting results. 

Paint Sampling Solution

Now that you know all about these gorgeous color options, you need to try them in your home. Sampling paint before finalizing your decision is a must.

Trust me; there is no one size fits all color choice because there are just too many factors that affect how the paint looks on the wall. 

Skip the paint store, at least for now, because the best way to trial paint is Samplize. They have the most genius peel-and-stick paint sample product to help you choose the right color without all the fuss. I use these for all my diy projects!

If you’re struggling to decide which paint color is best for you, my best advice is to stop researching and start sampling! Keep your project moving by heading to Samplize’s website and ordering samples today. 

Where to Buy Magnolia Home Paint

Are you looking for where to buy Magnolia Home Paint? Magnolia Home paints are sold at various retailers, both online and in-store. Skip the specialty paint store and head to one of these popular places to purchase Magnolia Home paint:

  • Lowes
  • The Home Depot
  • Ace Hardware
  • Magnolia Home website

Joanna Gaines is the queen of the farmhouse look and neutral home decor, and everything she touches turns to gold. That is why her aesthetic-focused paint colors make it easy for you and me to make our homes look like a designer did it.

You certainly can't go wrong if you stick with the Joanna Gaines paint colors we just reviewed. 

Share with me in the comments which of her most popular paint colors is your favorite!

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