The Better Then Citristrip Paint Stripping Strategy

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How to Remove Paint from a Wood Door

Removing layers of paint from a wood door is so incredibly easy. That is if you’re following the right advice. 

Imagine how much less stressful stripping paint would be if you knew the best products and the exact steps to follow.

Considering Citri-Strip? Yikes! They have you fooled.

Tempted to try oven cleaner? Meh, it’s not the best for paint.

Thinking maybe a heat gun will help? Don’t waste your money.

Start by printing this step-by-step paint stripping guide that gives the paint stripper and one tool that, when used together, produces mind-blowing results.

You won’t find this strategy anywhere else!

How satisfying would it feel to effortlessly strip away layers of old paint, as if you were slicing through soft butter, all within a matter of minutes?

No experience.

No confidence.

No problem!

You don’t need to be a pro. Heck; this could even be your first-time stripping paint! Just use this guide and prepare to be amazed.

Here is an extremely easy way for beginners who have all the motivation and none of the skills.

Let’s dive in!

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Just a friendly reminder: This tutorial and any opinions or recommendations are genuinely mine, but this is not a substitute for consulting a professional. I also use affiliate links to earn a commission.

Picking a Solid Wood Door

Let’s talk wood doors and how to find the perfect one at the most affordable price:

  • What to look for:
    • solid wood; no veneer
    • wood rot which would feel like soft or squishy spots on the surface (you don’t want this)
    • are there any spots that need repair? How large are these?
    • what is the condition of the glass?
    • can you easily add new hardware?
    • does it come with a frame?
  • Checking the size:
    • double check the width and the top, middle, and bottom (old things are rarely even).
    • measure the height knowing that cutting it down is easier that adding to it to make it taller.
  • Where to shop:
    • barn sales
    • salvage shops
    • marketplace
    • re-sale stores
  • What to pay:
    • less than buying a new solid wood door!
    • To give you an idea I paid $365 for my exterior 34 x 78 solid wood door with 3/4 glass. This door was from the 1900’s! So cool, right?
    • I’ve also seen doors as low as $5-$20 at barn sales, re-sale stores, and marketplace.

Necessary Tools and Supplies to Strip Paint from a Wood Door

A list of the 6 tools needed to strip paint from wood.
  • stripper
  • scraping tool
  • orbital sander
  • sandpaper (80, 120, 220, 320, 400 grit)
  • mineral spirits
  • topcoat
  • misc: screwdriver, old paint brush, old rags, paper trash bag

>> If you want to effortlessly strip away layers of old paint like its soft butter, all within a matter of minutes, then download this paint stripping guide.

The Fastest Paint Stripping Process

A visual guide that shows the steps to stripping paint from a wood door using photos of the process before and after stripping paint from wood.

Step One: Prep

Prep: if your door is visibly dirty, give it a quick wipe down with dawn dish soap and water. Remove any hardware and hinges and set these aside.

Step Two: Apply Stripper

Apply stripper: using your old paint brush, apply a generous layer of stripper, and then let it soak! This paint stripper is the secret sauce to effortless paint stripping!

Step Three: Time to Strip Paint from Wood

Time to strip: with your scraping tool, clear away the layers of paint. Repeating step two and three until only a thin layer of paint remains. Then clean the entire surface with mineral spirits.

Step Four: Sanding

Sanding: with your random orbital sander and 80 grit sandpaper, sand until you get down to bare wood. For an ultra-smooth surface sand again with 120, 220, 320, and 400 grit. Wipe away the dust.

You’ll find this post super helpful if you want sanding wood tips that will give you a flawless finish, without those pesky swirl marks.

Step Five: Final Touches

Final touches: Apply stain (optional) + your topcoat of choice and let it dry. Reapply your hardware + hinges and enjoy!!!

>> Try it for yourself! Download The Better Then Citri-Strip Paint Stripping Strategy Most People Aren’t Aware of.

Stripping Paint from Wood FAQ’s

Q: Should I be worried about lead paint

A: Possibly. Check local laws about lead paint, get a test kit + test your door before starting, and always wear a mask while you work.

Q: What is the best paint stripper?

A: You be the judge! In my experience, this is hands down the best paint stripper.

Q: When I sand why is it getting sticky?

A: You either have residual stripper or too much paint remaining. Re-apply stripper + scrape, then try sanding again.

Q: How long does it take to strip a wood door?

A: Using the products recommended, you can have this done in as fast as a weekend.

Q: How much does stripping paint off a wood door cost?

A: Use this formula: Cost of door + cost of stripper + cost of scraping tool + cost of sandpaper = way less than buying a new wood door!

Q: How much sanderpaper do I need to strip a wood door?

A: Way more than you can imagine. I buy 80 grit in bulk because you use this most. The other grits you’ll use much less.

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