Simple Ways to Decorate for Fall When You’re Not Good at Decorating

white pumpkin with a sign that says happy fall y'all

Fall decor does not have to be all bright orange pumpkins, scarecrows, and jack-o-lanterns (bleh!). I’ve sourced the most tastefully fall-decorated homes to show you how simple it is to dial up the cozy factor by adding subtle, natural, and neutral touches of fall.

Fall Decorating Tips So Your Home Looks Cozy Instead of Tacky

Here are my best simple, cozy fall decorating tips for someone who is not good at decorating!

Color Palette

Use muted/softer shades of your favorite fall colors instead of traditional bright oranges, reds, yellows, and dark browns. More natural-inspired, cozy fall colors include sage green, burnt orange, red-brown, and warm whites.



Consider having a few pieces of wall decor around your home that become a seasonal swap out. This is the easiest way to keep your home decor fresh, without having to completely overhaul the room. 

Here is a brilliant idea; how about actually printing and hanging those fall mini-session photos you did years ago? I mean, you and your family went through all that effort, so what better way to enjoy the outcome than creating a stunning, seasonal gallery wall?


Another idea for fall wall decor is nature-inspired scenes. These are paintings or photographs of colorful autumn landscapes, showcasing forests of magical red and gold leaves, misty mornings over tranquil lakes, or sunsets casting warm hues over fields.


Natural Seasonal Elements

Pumpkins are a must-have for fall decor, but there is a fine line between cozy and tacky. Stay away from the bright orange plastic! You can add pumpkins in a neutral way by using real ones, white ones, fabric ones, or woven ones. 

A few here or there are enough. You do not need these everywhere. Unless we’re talking about the porch, which, in that case, the more the merrier! Other seasonal elements to sprinkle in are corn husks, apples and gourds.


Baskets and Wooden Boxes

I know you already own baskets and wooden crates, which is great because you can easily transition these into fall decor by creating arrangements with natural seasonal elements such as pumpkins dried flowers, gourds, etc.

Another thing I love to do is fill larger baskets with seasonally colored throws and pillows (more on this fall decor element later, so keep reading!)


Throw Blankets

Using throw pillows and blankets is the easiest way to add a cozy texture. Swap out lightweight summer throws for plush blankets in warmer hues and textures. Stick with colors like burnt orange, mustard yellow, deep green, and burgundy. Introduce bold textures such as chunky cable knit and waffle patterns. Use fabrics like wool and fleece to create an extra layer of comfort.


Brass Accents & Candles

I put these two ideas together since the most commonly used brass accent is going to be candle holders. But, some other ideas include picture frames, or vases. Psst… these things are often available at the thrift stores, so check here first!

Candles are the perfect way to dial up the cozy factor by creating a warm ambiance and filling the air with comforting scents like pumpkin spice, cinnamon, or cedarwood. Complete your fall look with taper candles in warm creams or fall-inspired colors. These battery-operated candle sticks are my favorite.


Fall Stems and Mums

I’m all about low maintenance and making seasonal changes easy, so when planning my front landscaping, I opted for flowers to help me with this. Mums and limelight hydrangeas are two examples of landscaping that is easy to care for, will grow back year after year, and make seasonal decorating easy!

Mums offer perfect fall hues that effortlessly transition the front of your home from summer to fall. Similarly, the limelight hydrangea blooms from summer through early fall, showcasing a stunning evolution of colors from light green to white, pink, and tan—you have to see it for yourself! It’s also ideal for creating beautiful cut stems for fall decor.


Whether you have a more minimalist and neutral decorating style like me, or someone who loves to go all in with their seasonal home decor, the charm of fall offers endless possibilities to dial up the cozy factor inside your home. From subtle changes to embracing rich, inviting textures, using these ideas make infusing your home with the spirit of fall easy!

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