Under Deck Roofing Ideas to Create the Best Outdoor Space

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Check out these under deck roofing ideas that will help you reclaim this often-overlooked outdoor space.

If you have any empty space under your second story deck, you can quickly transform this into a weekend oasis and entertainment space. You’ll first need a dry space to create a functional space in this area, you’ll also want to create a more appealing under-deck ceiling. 

Here is the best way to protect you under deck area from the elements and how to DIY the deck roofing to make it more attractive.

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Why You Need Under Deck Roofing Ideas

There are so many fun things you can do under your second-story deck, and here are a few ideas:

  • Outdoor Living Room – who doesn’t love an outdoor living area? This extra square footage in the warmer months will give you a shaded space to relax while you watch the kids play in the yard. It also makes a great party space, especially if you add a wet bar. You can add ceiling fans and light fixtures to make the outdoor living room even more comfortable. And on a rainy day, you’ll have the best outdoor spot but not get wet.
  • Outdoor Kitchen – how does outdoor dining and cooking sound? Think about how much easier it is to cook and dine outdoors during those hot summer months. The bonus is to be near the kids so you can easily keep an eye and ear on them.
  • Screened porch – hate those pesky bugs? Screening in the lower portion of your deck is easy and creates an instant oasis from the bugs. And if you’re on a budget, you can easily DIY this by attaching screening material to frames that you constructed out of 2 x 4’s. The cost of this should run around a couple of hundred dollars, and the reward is endless summer nights without any bugs bothering you!
  • Hot Tub Area – The perfect spot for your hot tub is under your deck, where there is already a concrete slab. The upper deck provides the perfect amount of privacy, and you can also cozy the space by adding outdoor curtains and lights. All that is left is a little music and a few adult beverages, and you have yourself the most amazing get away right in your backyard!
  • Bed-Sized swing – kids and adults will love this spot under your deck if you add a big swing. The best part is the cushions are protected from the weather, so you won’t have to worry about covering or bringing in the cushions every night.
  • Container garden – if you lack green space, but want a garden, then you need to take full advantage of the area under your deck. Since this area is likely concrete or gravel, the best way to grow a garden under your deck is to use raised garden beds or containers. 
  • Storage area – Between all the patio furniture, spare tires, shovels, snowblower, kids sporting equipment, lawn tools, and so on, we are always looking for more places to store our stuff. If I had an under-deck storage area, I would keep my lawn and garden tools and any extra patio furniture in this spot. This would seriously free up so much space in our garage! 

Does any of these sound like something you’d like in your backyard? Well, before you can use your under-deck area as a bonus living space, you’ll need to close off the ceiling to moisture and debris, and the best way to go about this is using a deck drainage system. Let’s talk about the best waterproofing system.

Prevent Water with a Deck Ceiling Systems

The first step to creating a usable outdoor space is to prevent water from dripping from the upper deck down to the lower area. If you’re working with a new deck, installing a Trex Rainescape into the deck joists is the easiest way to accomplish this. This gutter system is the best option because it is hidden under the deck boards, diverts water into a downspout system, and protects the area below from rain, snow, sun, and other elements. This type of system creates a protected area below, so the days of patio covers are gone! 

Trex decking is so unique because it lasts forever, is incredibly low maintenance, and is easy to install. Once you have diverted water away from the under area, you can enjoy the space as an outdoor living area and safely install gas and electricity for things such as ceiling lights, fans, and outdoor kitchen appliances. Another benefit to collecting rainwater and protecting the underdeck area from weather conditions is in the long run you are preventing wood rot.

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Deck Roof Ideas

under deck roofing ideas // under-deck ceiling // deck ceiling systems // www.tantrumsandtools.com

The roof area under your deck is not the most attractive, but luckily this is an easy fix. Here are a few things you can do to cover the unsightly deck floor; creating a more appealing outdoor ceiling.

  • Wooden paneling makes a gorgeous ceiling indoors, so why not use it outside? To keep things low maintenance, stain the boards instead of painting.
  • Painting the underside of the deck space is a super affordable and easy way to transform the wood from blah to something more attractive. Painting the deck rafters is a great diy project that will not take much time or money, yet the results are incredible. The power of paint never ceases to amaze! For a moody, more dramatic look, go with something dark, like black. For a cozy, modern farmhouse look, paint the roof deck a lighter color, like white.
  • Fiberglass panels are an excellent underdeck ceiling because they are durable and can tolerate inclement weather. These panels are often used for greenhouses and come in either flat or corrugated. These panels are not completely translucent, yet they’ll still let in some light, making them a perfect under-deck roof because they’ll cover the rafters but not block all the light.
  • Outdoor curtains hung below the deck floor create the coziest vibe without making a permanent floor. The beauty of curtains is the variety of available colors and patterns. Something to know is there is a difference between outdoor and indoor curtain fabrics, with the outdoor curtains being thicker and more water resistant. But since you have the deck drainage system, water is not something you’ll have to worry about, so you can opt for either indoor or outdoor curtains. 

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