Magically Mix Old and New with Fixer Upper Lighting ideas

A table lamp that uses fixer upper lighting ideas by having a metal triangle base and a cane lamp shade. Placed on a mid-century modern wooden console table.

Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper Inspired Lighting Ideas for the Home

Wondering about Fixer Upper lighting ideas and how to seamlessly mix old and new like Joanna Gaines? Like me, are you a die-hard fan of Fixer Upper and have fallen head over heels for Joanna Gaines’ impeccable design sensibilities? From shiplap walls to modern rustic farmhouse charm, there’s something undeniably enchanting about her signature style. 

One element that plays a pivotal role in her captivating designs are the light fixtures. Joanna has an uncanny ability to infuse warmth and character into her spaces through carefully chosen lighting fixtures.

However, as much as you admire her knack for creating the perfect ambiance, bringing that same magic into your home is harder than you imagined. Don’t worry; you’re not alone in your struggles. The good news is with these fixer upper lighting ideas you’ll transform the lighting in every room of your house and nail Joanna’s signature design style. 

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Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper Inspired Lighting Ideas for the Living Room 

Fixer upper lighting ideas used in an open concept kitchen living room with black pendant lights and a cognac leather couch.

When looking for Joanna Gaines’ Fixer Upper inspired lighting ideas for your living room, you’ll find her distinctive style is all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. To make these inviting spaces, she combines functionality and aesthetics seamlessly. 

One of her favorite choices for living room lighting choices is rustic chandeliers. To add a touch of elegance while maintaining a cozy ambiance, you’ll want to look for something in weathered wood with wrought iron accents. 

Joanna also loves using statement floor lamps. They not only provide ample illumination but also serve as eye-catching decor pieces. Look for ones that have vintage tripod bases or oversized shades. These unique design features make them both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

Adding exposed bulb, metal or textured shade sconces on your walls is another Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper-inspired living room lighting option. Scones are a great way to create that warm, inviting atmosphere. All these elements combine to help you create a living room that reflects Joanna Gaines’ signature blend of modern farmhouse charm and timeless elegance, making your space truly inviting and cozy.

Joanna Gaines Table Lamps

When adding Joanna Gaines-inspired table lamps to your space, focus on vintage-inspired designs with neutral colors and farmhouse elements like industrial materials like brass or metal mixed with softer elements like a linen lamp shade. 

Ensure the table lamp is proportionate to your furniture. This style light is an accent, and its role is in providing warm ambient lighting, so look for lamps that are on the smaller side. Look for unique details, prioritize quality craftsmanship, and choose table lamps that resonate with your style to capture Joanna Gaines’ design’s timeless and cozy essence.

Joanna Gaines Farmhouse Ceiling Fans

It’s no secret that shopping for ceiling fans can be challenging; they all tend to look somewhat ugly, especially after scrutinizing each one for an extended period. However, the key is to find designs that effortlessly combine Joanna Gaines’s farmhouse ceiling fan aesthetics with functionality.

Look for ceiling fans with a balance of rustic and modern elements, such as wooden blades and antique-style finishes, to capture her timeless farmhouse charm. Mix this with industrial-styled lamp shades or glass globes to nail the farmhouse look.

Lastly, double-check that the fan’s size is proportional to the room, not too small, but not so large it overwhelms the space. Look for models with quality craftsmanship since this lighting fixture is a functional way to cool your home.

Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper Inspired Lighting Ideas for the Bedroom

When it comes to Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper-inspired lighting for a bedroom, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere by incorporating a variety of fixtures that reflect her signature farmhouse look. Here are some types of lighting to consider:

Rustic Chandeliers: Look for a rustic mixed with industrial look with a chandelier. Fixtures that feature weathered wood, wrought iron accents, and a distressed finish are frequently found on a fixer upper episode. Hang your beautiful antique chandelier above your bed or in the center of the room to make a bold style statement.

Bedside Table Lamps: Joanna often uses bedside table lamps to provide task lighting and add a touch of elegance. Choose lamps with vintage-inspired designs, neutral shades, and unique details like textured bases or decorative finials.

Wall Sconces: Wall-mounted sconces are a great addition to your bedroom, providing both ambient and task lighting. They are also a great idea space for small spaces. Save room on your nightstand by hanging these on the wall beside your bed. Look for sconces with an industrial or farmhouse design, glass sconces, or black or gold medal with linen shades, which can add character to your walls and create a cozy atmosphere.

Floor Lamps: Statement floor lamps can act as functional art in your bedroom while providing additional lighting. Consider lamps with unique designs, such as tripod bases or oversized shades, to make a visual impact.

Remember to create a cohesive lighting plan for your bedroom that balances functionality and aesthetics. By combining various types of lighting fixtures with Joanna Gaines’ design principles, you can achieve a bedroom that exudes the timeless and cozy ambiance characteristic of her Fixer Upper-inspired style.

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Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper Inspired Lighting Ideas for the Kitchen

To infuse your kitchen with Joanna Gaines’ Fixer Upper-inspired lighting, focus on creating a cozy and functional space. First thing, to add character above your kitchen island, add pendant lights with rustic or industrial elements, like aged metal finishes or exposed bulbs. These linear pendants add dimension and draw attention to your kitchen.

Task light fixtures, such as over your sink that mix modern, and vintage will enhance the ambiance and provide additional task lighting. Consider dark metals because this pops beautifully of white subway tiles. Don’t forget under-cabinet lighting to illuminate workspaces and open shelving. The key is to blend timeless aesthetics with modern and practical, creating a warm and inviting kitchen that reflects Joanna’s signature style.

Joanna Gaines Pendent Lights

Fixer Upper lighting ideas using a single black pendant light fixture against a white subway backsplash.

Selecting the perfect Joanna Gaines-inspired pendant light fixture for your kitchen involves a keen eye for details that capture her signature rustic, cozy, and stylish aesthetic. Here are some key factors to consider when looking for that ideal fixture:

Material: Authenticity is key to achieving Joanna’s style. Look for pendant lights crafted from natural wood, metal, a glass globe, or a combination of these materials. These add warmth and lend a touch of rustic charm to your space.

Finish: Pay attention to the finish of the pendant. Aged or distressed finishes, like weathered wood or antique bronze, are often seen in Joanna’s designs. These finishes create a vintage, timeless look.

Shape and Design: Joanna Gaines is known for her love of classic and timeless designs. Look for pendant lights with simple, clean lines and shapes, such as lanterns, dome, or globe designs. 

Size and Scale: Consider the size of the pendant light with your kitchen size. Smaller fixtures work well in cozy nooks or above kitchen islands, while oversized pendants make a statement in larger spaces. Ensure the fixture is proportionate to the room’s size and ceiling height.

Bulb Style: Joanna’s designs often use vintage bulbs to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Look for pendant lights that allow you to showcase these light bulbs, such as those with exposed bulbs or open designs. Edison bulbs are another small detail and inexpensive way to add charm and warmth to your kitchen.

Budget: Finally, be mindful of your budget. While authentic vintage fixtures can be pricey, my trick to avoiding this is shopping secondhand stores. Don’t feel pressured to overspend, but options are available!

Remember that it’s not just about the individual piece when shopping for a Joanna Gaines-inspired pendant light fixture. It’s how it fits into the overall design of your space. It should complement your existing decor while adding that modern farmhouse feel.

Joanna Gaines Farmhouse Dining Room Lights

Incorporating Fixer Upper-style inspired dining room lights can instantly elevate the ambiance of your dining space. Think about old chandeliers with distressed finishes and wrought iron accents to infuse a sense of timeless elegance. 

Pendant lights with vintage-inspired designs and soft textured shades or glass globes add character and warmth to your dining area. Consider using dimmable lighting to create an intimate atmosphere during meals. Don’t shy away from mixing and matching different fixtures to achieve that eclectic yet cohesive look that Joanna Gaines often masterfully creates in her designs.

Joanna Gaines Favorite Chandeliers

Fixer upper lighting ideas in a white dining room with a wood table and black metal chandelier with exposed Edison bulbs.

Joanna Gaines’ favorite chandeliers often feature a perfect blend of rustic charm and timeless elegance. Look for something with weathered wood and wrought iron elements complemented by distressed finishes. These fixtures make a big impact and add a touch of warmth and character to the space. 

Joanna Gaines Lighting Collection

If you want to add Joanna Gaines Magnolia home inspired lighting to your home, there are several key factors to keep in mind. Joanna’s design style is known for its timeless elegance and cozy charm, and your choice of light fixtures should reflect these qualities. Here’s what to look for:

Vintage-Inspired Designs: Look for fixtures and lamps with designs that evoke a sense of history and nostalgia. This might include lamps with ornate bases, vintage-style patterns, or aged finishes.

Neutral Colors: Look for light fixtures with shades in soft tones like whites, creams, grays, or muted earthy hues. These colors create a calming and timeless atmosphere.

Texture and Materials: Look for table lamps with bases made from natural materials like wood, metal, and ceramic, as they add warmth and texture to your space.

Farmhouse Elements: Opt for fixtures with elements like distressed finishes, mixed metals, rustic wood, or even small touches like burlap lampshades. These farmhouse details can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Unique Details: Look for unique details that make the fixture one of a kind. It could be an interesting base shape, a decorative finial, or a distinctive lampshade. These details can add character to your space.

Quality Craftsmanship: Invest in well-crafted fixtures that are built to last. Quality materials and construction will ensure your lighting not only capture the fixer upper style but also stand the test of time.

Personal Connection: Lastly, choose lamps that resonate with you personally. Joanna Gaines often encourages the incorporation of meaningful and personal elements, things that tell a story, into her designs. If a particular light fixture speaks to you or holds sentimental value, it can be a wonderful addition to your space.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can select light fixtures for your own home that capture the essence of Joanna Gaines’ design style. Making these light fixture updates will infuse your home with that timeless and cozy ambiance modern farmhouse style is known for.

By incorporating these fixer upper lighting ideas inspired by Joanna Gaines’ signature style, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that will make your space feel like a true modern farmhouse retreat. Whether you choose old chandeliers, oversized glass pendant lights, or industrial metal sconces, these lighting options will help you achieve the Fixer Upper look you’ve dreamed of. 

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